From The Soul Jacket's "Gunpowder Valley" EP. Recorded live on November the 10, 2013 at the band's rehearsing shack. Written & performed by The Soul Jacket.

Extraído del EP de The Soul Jacket "Gunpowder Valley". Grabado en directo el 10 de Noviembre de 2013 en el local de ensayo de la banda. Compuesta e interpretada por The Soul Jacket.


(Lyrics: Mauro Comesaña)

Hey woman, got a present for ya’
Keep it in a little bag slided down my sleeve
But I’ve been holded
On my way back home
They were two and green and gleaming
Waiting in the Patrol, singin’

“Got the one we need,
Got the one we need”

Hey officer, got to make it home
There you got the papers, there’s my name
“Will you please, mister,
step outside”
And the bag just rolled down my body
Hitting on the ground, they got it

“Got the one we need
Got the one we need”

Hey woman, they let me ride
The turkey couldn’t make it though
I gave it to the law, you know
But I don’t mind, look what I got
And I gave my woman my gift,
slided down my sleeve

Got the one we need
Got the one we need


from Gunpowder Valley, track released December 26, 2013
Tony López: voice / Jorge Mizer: electric guitar & vocals / Guillermo Gagliardi: electric guitar & vocals / Xabier Vieitez: Hammond / Jann Zerega: Fender bass & vocals / Mauro Comesaña: drums, conga & vocals

Tony López: voz / Jorge Mizer: guitarra eléctrica y voces / Guillermo Gagliardi: guitara eléctrica y voces / Xabier Vieitez: Hammond / Jann Zerega: bajo Fender y voces / Mauro Comesaña: batería, conga y voces




The Soul Jacket Vigo, Spain

Rock & roll band from Galicia (Spain). Their brand new record is a misterious piece of handcrafted rock & roll from a band commited to the spirit of an era that seemed forgotten

Banda de rock & roll viguesa. Encerrados tras la enigmatica portada de su nuevo álbum se encuentran once temas que abarcan todo el imaginario de una banda tan arraigada en la tradición del rock & roll como inclasificable
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